IT & Engineering

Senior Golang Protocol Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time
Sarva Labs is looking to hire a Senior Protocol Developer to join our Core Protocol Development Team that is working on the MOI Protocol. You will be required to work on the development of MOI Protocol components, participate in design discussions, and potentially architect whole systems.

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Skill Requirements

  • Strong experience programming with Golang. You must be able to write clean, maintainable, and idiomatic code and have an understanding of Go’s standard library, concurrency primitives as well its tooling and testing frameworks.
  • Strong experience working with distributed system architectures, peer-to-peer networking protocols, and preferably blockchain protocols and distributed ledger technologies.
  • Strong experience with architecting systems and designing components that are part of a larger system with the ability to document design components in clear technical language.
  • Working experience with Software Development Best Practices and Computer Science Fundamentals.
  • Working knowledge any of the following concepts:
    • Consensus Protocols and Decentralised Agreement Mechanisms
    • P2P Networking, Distributed Hash Tables, and Log Replication
    • Compilers, Language Models & Virtual Machine Runtimes
    • Codecs, Serialization, Hashing Functions & Private Key Cryptography
    • General Blockchain Knowledge - Bitcoin, Ethereum & EVM Fundamentals, IPFS, libp2p, etc,..


  • Join an experienced team of software development professionals with remote-friendly & flexible working hours.
  • Core team members are subject to additional compensation in the form of tokens and equity.
  • Be part of a frontier of distributed systems by getting involved in projects at Sarva Labs that are looking to fundamentally shift the way people interact with each other in the ever-evolving digital world.

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