IT & Engineering

Rust Blockchain Protocol Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time

Sarva Labs is looking for Rust Blockchain developer to join our Protocol Development Team. As a Rust Blockchain Developer, you will work on components of MOI Protocol, which is empowering the World’s First Context Aware Peer to Peer Network.  


  1. 2 to 3 years of Rust experience in live project 
  2. Very good understanding of Rust concepts such as Ownership, The Borrow Checker and Variable Mutability 
  3. Good understanding of Rust concepts such as Generics, Traits, Macros and Lifetimes. 
  4. Good understanding of ASTs, parsers, syntax analysis and language design paradigms.
  5. Fair understanding of distributed computation frameworks and virtual machines such as Substrate, WASM or EVM.
  6. Fair understanding of Rust dependency management and build tools such as cargo, rustup and rustc.
  7. Basic understanding of serialization frameworks in Rust such as serde and prost
  8. Fair understanding of Rust concurrency primitives and libraries such as tokio.


Some nice to haves :) 

  1. Fair understanding of Version Control Systems like Git with services like GitHub/Gitlab 
  2. Fair understanding of Agile methodologies in a team setting 
  3. Ability to take ownership of and drive development of assigned projects 
  4. Capable and motivated developer with development experience in Rust. 
  5. Development experience in C/C++ and other low-level languages is a plus. 
  6. Any experience with blockchain development, protocol level or contract level is a plus. 
  7. [OPTIONAL] Basic understanding of Smart Contracts Frameworks in Rust such as Substrate Ink!

Why build at Sarva?

  • Direct Mentorship by project leads who have been actively working in Blockchain industry for the past 6 to 7 years.
  • Flexible working timing and workations on offer
  • Get the chance to attend Web3 events in India and abroad sponsored by Sarva and network with Industry experts
  • Get the bragging rights to being part of India's first L1 blockchain protocol.

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