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DevOps Engineer for L1 protocol

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time

Sarva Labs is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer with experience in managing the provision and deployment of high performance software across large multi-cloud clusters. As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be expected to establish and adhere to DevOps best practices and collaborate with our global engineering team. You will also work on tools and processes for automation, deployment and monitoring infrastructure and devise rollout strategies.

About the role

You'd be joining as the first Senior DevOps engineer proposing the state of the art tools and techniques to manage a mid-scale geo-redundant infrastructure to the tune of few 100s to a few 1000s of nodes.  You'll be managing the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure to host a L1 global blockchain network. You'll also design a state of the art CI+CD pipeline, bootstrap on-demand infrastructure to test software and help the team maintain a robust network.

Skill Requirements

- 4+ years of full-time experience working as a DevOps Engineer
- Experience working with Linux Based Infrastructure (Prefer: RHEL, Rocky Linux, Alma Linux, or Ubuntu)
- Intermediate understanding of Golang, and Python.
- Proficiency with Git, GitHub workflows, and GitOps Methodologies.
- Problem-Solving attitude and Awareness towards Agile Methodologies.

- Must have skills:
  • Observability (Metrics, Logs, Tracing, and Alerting) : Must understanding of toolsets and scalability.
  • Orchestrations (Docker, K8s, K3s, Nomad) : Must knowledge of Docker and K8s
  • Language (Python, Golang, Bash, HCL) : Must knowledge of Python or Golang
  • Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform, Ansible, Chef) : Must knowledge of Terraform and Ansible as well.
  • Git Operations (Git, GitHub Workflows, GitOps with GitHub)
  • Operating System (Debain based distros like ubuntu, RHEL based distros RockyLinux)
  • Service Discovery (Service Mesh, Istio, Linkerd, Consul)

Why join Sarva

  • Direct Mentorship by project leads who have been actively working in Blockchain industry for the past 6 to 7 years
  • Flexible working timing (3 days work from office, 2 days work from home)
  • Get the chance to attend Web3 events in India and abroad sponsored by Sarva and network with Industry experts
  • Get the bragging rights to being part of India's first L1 blockchain protocol

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